About Me (Ms. Lyndee)

Having learned to sew at the age of 6 using the Kids Can Sew curriculum, I have been sewing for over 30 years.  I have been teaching children how to sew for over 13 years and have successfully taught hundreds of boys, girls and adults the beautiful art of sewing. I absolutely LOVE teaching sewing! I enjoy the process of learning, striving and especially the Ah-Ha moments.


We moved to Arizona from Houston just over 3 years ago. What a change!!! I QUICKLY fell in love with the unique beauty of the desert! I live in Marana, AZ (just outside of Tucson) with my wonderful husband and 3 beautiful daughters.


In our home, sewing is a family affair.  My entire family knows how to sew. My husband, a space suit design engineer, has often come to me with various ideas and projects. Together we've designed and made many creative things for both ourselves and children. My favorite projects have been halloween costumes. 


When I'm not in my sewing room, I enjoy all kinds of activities. Most of which involve my family. We are having a great time discovering the fun adventures that Arizona has to offer. 


Lyndee Lee

Sewing Jungle Owner/Instructor

I am committed to keeping the art of sewing alive. In class we work hard, we learn, we create, we laugh, and we have fun! Sewing is about attitude, problem solving, overcoming challenges, recognizing success and so much more. I love sewing and I love teaching!
~ Ms Lyndee 

I am a 

Kids Can Sew® Registered Instructor 

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