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2019/2020 schedule

Classes are temporarily suspended due to






To Register For Classes:

1. Email or text me the class day/time you would like.



2. Fill out Registration Form below. (Classes are temporarily on hold)

Other Fees


Registration Fee:

There is a one time $35.00 registration fee that must be paid at time of registration.



Curriculum/Book Fee:

I use the Kids Can Sew curriculum. The workbook will take your student approx. 9 to 12 months to complete. You will need to purchase a book for your sewist through me for $35.00







Class Information


  • Girls and boys ages 8+

  • Classes are held weekly.

  • Classes are 1 hour

  • There are a maximum of 4 students per class

  • Use of sewing machine and tools are provided in class.

  • Students are responsible to provide fabric and notions for each project.

  • Students will learn to sew using the Kids Can Sew curriculum. 

  • Classes are held in my home studio in Saguaro Bloom Subdivision.

  • Classes are held in my home studio in the Saguaro Bloom subdivision.

  • Make-up classes are not guaranteed. Make-up classes are only offered if there is an available opening in another class. If your child will be unable to attend their scheduled class, please call/text to let me know with as much notice as possible.



Tuition Information


Tuition: There are two options for tuition. One with supplies included, the other without.


Option 1: (Standard) $75.00 per month. Sewist is responsible for fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, fiberfill, etc. 


Option 2: (All Inclusive) $90.00 per month. Tuition includes all fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, fiberfill, etc. Note: Curriculum book and/or patterns are not included in tuition and must still be purchased.


Tuition is the same per month, regardless of number of classes offered/attended per month. If I have to cancel classes due to instructor illness/emergency or weather, a make-up class will added on at the end of the year in May (unless otherwise arranged)


Tuition is due on or before the 1st class of each month. 




Classes will NOT be held the following dates:

Sept 2nd - (Labor Day)

Oct 14th - 18th (Fall Break)

November 11th - (Veteran's Day)

Nov 28th - 29th (Thanksgiving)

Dec 23rd - Jan 3rd (Christmas Break)

Feb 20th - 21st (Rodeo Break)

Mar 16th - 20th (Spring Break)







First day of class is August 7th

Last day of class is April 25th 






Although I don't anticipate any changes to this schedule, occasionally changes to occur.


Should Monday classes be added to the schedule, additional holidays will be added to the list. 

Using the Kids Can Sew® curriculum, I will help your child learn and understand many techniques and concepts of sewing.


Your child will be taught the basics of pattern layout, how to read and follow pattern instructions, how to problem solve, how to incorporate their own ideas into each project and so much more!!!



I am a 

Kids Can Sew® Registered Instructor 

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